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The Institute of Style X Nusa Indah

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

This episode Neale Whitaker talks to Jada Stanley from @nusa_indah surfboards, who is making big waves in the world of style.

Her surfboards are not only being noticed on the beach, but they’re also featured on the pages of Vogue and are popping up in interiors all over the world.

Jada's signature surfboards came to life in 2009, when the first Nusa Indah creation - covered in a green floral batik pattern sourced during her honeymoon to Indonesia. This design quickly gained the attention of many surfers and stylists world-wide.

“My love affair with Indonesia gave me a taste for good waves and exposed me to the beautiful world of ancient textile design and print. I see colour combinations in the seashells, or patterned tiles in crumbling walls, or shapes in architecture and art. ”

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After having children, Jada was inspired to create a surfboard that behaved as good on the water as it looked on the beach. “Everyone deserves a bit of their own space in the world to express themselves as themselves… For me that is and always will be surfing.”

"However back then I’d look at my yellowed board in the corner and found it was not so appealing. Making a board that looked beautiful worked in the same way that a new pair of runners or a new dress make you feel good, ready and inspired to get back out there socially and actively. I was seeking that same motivation and incentive to get back into the water " Said Stanley.

"I wanted to grab hold of the bit that was just me and take it surfing!"

"Over the years and many trips later, I have sourced and collected many treasured Batik and silk textiles. Once my personal board garnered public interest, I began work on Nusa Indah Surfboards to make them available to the modern bohemian woman; she who is adventurous in spirit, and has an appreciation for quality, hand-crafted goods. Nusa Indah Surfboards are adorned in Balinese motif, sourced and exclusive artist designs, and they are designed to enhance your walls as easily as they define your performance in the water.”

Stanley has now made a name for herself as fashion’s go-to board-maker, with previous collaborations including a collection for Le Sirenuse, and one with Lulu DK for The Cove Atlantis and Vogue.

Vogue gave Jada access to the magazine’s archives, where she spent hours combing through vintage covers. She selected illustrations by Salvador Dali, Georges Lepape, and Eduardo Garcia Benito, as each offered a distinctive look.

“Next was to design a surfboard shape that would be both practical for avid surfers, as well as best fit for interior application.” Stanley says.

She landed on a 6’1” short-board with a wide nose and pulled in round tail. “The high-gloss polish was the ultimate finish to showcase the art.” Stanley adds.

“Working with Vogue was a dream come true for me.”

Most recently Jada has partnered with Organic Choice to design our new limited-edition range.

The design was inspired by the motif on a vintage batik cloth from Indonesia. Where she worked the traditional motif into a botanical design to match Organic Choice's signature scents, and finished it off in a modern and luxurious rose gold and black finish.

You can find Organics Limited Edition Nusa Indah products, Dishwashing Liquid (Botanical Basil, Lime & Mandarin) and Luxe Laundry Liquid (Orange Bergamot and Wild Lavender) in the cleaning aisle at Coles and Woolworths.


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