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The Institute of Style X Jessie Breakwell

In this episode of ‘The Institute of Style’ Neale Whitaker talks to Melbourne based artist Jessie Breakwell from @jessiebreakwellgallery.

Jessie has been following her passion for the past 6 years and has self-managed her creativity to become globally recognized for her quirky, abstract and off beat style of paintings depicting zebras, elephants, tropical birds and much more.

She has exhibited in London, Los Angeles and Melbourne and has even taught Ozzie Osbourne how to draw.

“… Ozzie is an avid drawer and painter. He used to get his textas our nearly every day”

Strongly influenced by the enigmatic Brett Whiteley and French Fauvist artist Henri Matisse,  Jessie’s work is offbeat, quirky and full of wonder.

Jesse’s vibrant paintings evoke a sense of enchantment and fun providing light relief and a satisfying diversion from inescapable reality. So much so, that she has had many try and copy her style.

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She tells us “I go to Bali all the time and see copies of my works in every second shop. They even copy my signature.“

Her unique watercolours display incredibly intricate detail, with colours that compliment each other perfectly.

To find out more about Jessie Breakwell or to own one of her amazing pieces yourself visit

Jessie also runs masterclasses that are a lot of fun and where you will learn her techniques and receive one on one guidance. No skills required, just a lot of enthusiasm. All materials are provided and you will take home your very own canvas ready to hang!


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