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In this episode of the 'Institute of Style', Neale Whitaker gets under the covers with Virginia Feldtman from Bedouin Societe, who is refining the way we live, one room at time.

Starting her career as a Fashion Designer, Virginia Feldtman has worked for some of the most coveted high-end fashion houses in the world, such as Calvin Klein.

However, in her forties she made the decision to put her house on the market in the hope of a BIG dream paying off. The dream of a brand dedicated to the luxury of Linen.

"People kept saying to me… you’re forty why aren’t you gearing down – rather than gearing up? But the time felt right I had a dream and it was time to back it.”

In a juxtaposition to a media driven world, where everyone’s seeking perfection, Feldtman earned the title of the queen of linen by going against the thread count of highly structured bed and bath space. Instead opting for a more minimal approach that places a focus on functionality, with an effortless unstructured style.

Feldtman’s first love for unique textures stems back to her childhood, “My father was a textile chemist, and he worked with wool. I always loved playing with it, I think it was the texture that really grabbed me.”

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Bedouin’s purely linen policy was a bold step in the bed linen industry, that had previously been saturated with Egyptian cotton.

"Linen is truly an amazing fibre that promotes year-round temperature regulation due to its breath-ability,” states Feldtman. Made from the fibres of the flax plant, Linen was converted by the ancient Egyptians for its unique medicinal properties that promote balance and healing. Plus, it’s anti-bacterial properties naturally repel dirt…and those nasty bed bugs, for those of you who hate sharing your sheets!

Feldtman has also applied a unique colour selection in the Bedouin Societe.

You will find no Pantone colour matches here.

“...I don’t focus on trends at all, I focus on what I love and what I love is minimal tones. The earth tones are soft, they transcend over many interiors. "

Feldtman's unique colour palette seamlessly compliments one another to effortlessly evoke the feelings of balance and tranquility– in our opinion, the perfect grouping for optimum rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Image credit bedouin Societe

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