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From little things, big things grow. 

The latest episode of the Institute Of Style, Neal Whitaker cultivates a conversation with self-confessed Plantnfluencer Jason Chongue, who’s plant-based lifestyle continues to inspire thousands of Australians online and offline.

If you looked directly at Chongue you wouldn’t be able to notice the green thumb protruding from his pockets, but his calm nature and impeccable style shines like the morning sun on the window sill. And that’s the perfect place for Chongue, except you’d be lucky to find a seat to sit amongst his 400 plants that fill each room in his Collingwood home. 

Chongue is first and foremost an architect and interior designer who grew a love for all things green as he continued this style into his intimate interiors. His love of horticulture eventually drew a large following on social media which enabled him to feed his passion by creating The Plant Society with his partner Nathan Smith.

The Plant Society is based out of Melbourne with a seedling store in Sydney. 

Neale’s interest in Chongue centres around the “reinvention and re-imagination… [of spaces that are enriched by the] …design positives of plants.” And you can see from Chongue’s work that reflecting the natural environment is important in creating the perfect living space.

This episode delves into simple tips you can use to create your own oasis at home.

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Chongue aims to inspire other ‘plant people’ by promoting workshops as well as educating people on growing their “gardening skillset”. His main tips are finding the plant for the space and not the other way around. Channeling the natural environment and looking at the ambience of a room will help you to choose plants that are likely to survive in your home. Chongue’s background in architecture allows him to look through green coloured glasses and see how plants are able to “catch light and create shadows”.

Looking at The Plant Society Instagram account it is obvious to see why Neale refers to his understanding of the “relationship between plants and light”. Which has also led Chongue to write two books The Plant Society and Green - which focus on creating indoor and outdoor oasis’ with plants, by understanding that Australian life is a balance between functionality and space.

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